In the last number of years I have expanded my business interests partnering in a succesful creative firm, Evolve Creative Solutions. This still allows me to be creative and expands my capabilities in photography, video and digital applications including software and website design and development. I love to create and am still inspired by the qualities of light and the composition both imagined and achieved. I am fortunate that my interest and once hobby has also led to a long and succesful career.

In addition to the school of life, I have also received a formal education and completed a Bachelors Degree at Simon Fraser University (BGS), within the Faculty of Arts. My interests were broad: economics, calculus, kinesiology, english, philosophy, history and yes photography as well.

This is merely my “formal” education. Exploring the world, and interacting with people of all creed, colour and trait teaches you, to put to use what you have learned over time, how to react to different and sometimes difficult situations, how to be alone, how to treat others. I have traveled to or lived in over 40 countries, from the far east and middle east, to Europe and north and Central America. Which is my favourite? Tibet? Guatemala? Burma? France? Syria? Cambodia? All amazing in their own way.

While I have been taking photos since my early teens it has been my sole profession for almost 25 years now and I enjoy it more each and every day. I enjoy the people I have met along the way. I am inspired by the challenges and the rewards. I appreciate the knowledge I have gained and I love to apply it and share it. I have learned, I have taught. I will continue to do and enjoy both.

I hope you enjoy my photos and working with me as much as I enjoy photography and working with you.

All photography services are offered either in our state of the art, modern studio or on location. We can also produce, shoot and edit video if desired as a partner in the digital creative firm, Evolve Creative Solutions, if needed we can consult for all your branding, website or software needs as well.


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Elle Magazine
The Vancouver Sun
Elle Active Wear
Flare Magazine
Canada 3000 Airlines
Opus Hotel
JAC by JC Studio
Lanyon Phillips Advertising
Bear Studios
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Army and Navy
The New York Times
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The Characters Talent Agency
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Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts (VADA)

…and many more